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We will not be characters in our stories.

No villains, not victims, not even heroes.

We are the authors of our lives.

We write our own daring ending.


[Brene Brown]

2017 Workshops in Hertfordshire

One-day workshops

* Speak, so your audience will listen

*Dealing assertively with difficult people

* Effective time management!

* Aspiring Leader

* Stand out at job interviews

* Presentation and public speaking

Commencing in February 2017
Living and Coping positively with Stress
8 sessions on how to identify,mangage, and build long-term resilience against stress and anxiety

Cygnus Learning offers high standard of professional and personal development programmes, at the most competitive price. Each programme is designed and delivered with professionalism, care, passion and expertise. Our workshops run with small groups of 6-10 delegates, in a warm, friendly, informal and comfortable environment, where participants can relax, interact, reflect, exchange ideas and learn effective skills to improve the quality of their professional and personal lives.

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